Bulletin of the South Ural State University

Series “Mathematical modelling, programming & computer software”

Vestnik Yuzhno-Ural’skogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta

Seriya “Matematicheskoe modelirovanie i programmirovanie”

ISSN 2071-0216 (Print) ISSN 2308-0256 (Online)


Periodical includes the following sections:

The section «Mathematical Modelling» contains articles considering classical and non-classical models of mathematical physics; differential and integral equations of mathematical models of natural science; methods of solution of ill-posed problems; variational calculus; mathematical theory of optimal control, numerical mathematics, calculus and arithmetic models.

The section «Programming and Computer Software» contains articles considering theoretical questions of programming, software programming and design languages; testing, verification and validation of programs; e-technologies and software systems; means of development and support of e-libraries and electronic edition; visualization system and system of virtual external environment; architecture, system and applied control programming of computers and supercomputers; parallel computational technologies; distributed computing and grid-technologies; technologies of resource protection of distributed information computation systems.

The section «Survey Articles» contains review articles in the field of publication.

The section «Short Notes» contains reports by postgraduate students and masters in the field of publication.

The section «Personalia» contains biographical articles about outstanding scientists.

The section «Mathematical Activity» announces and highlights the work of the mathematical community (conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.).


The size of the original articles shouldn’t exceed 12 pages in the sections «Mathematical Modelling» and «Programming and Computer Software», as for the «Survey Articles» they shouldn’t exceed 24 pages. The size of the reports shouldn’t exceed 5 pages.