Bulletin of the South Ural State University

Series “Mathematical modelling, programming & computer software”

Vestnik Yuzhno-Ural’skogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta

Seriya “Matematicheskoe modelirovanie i programmirovanie”

ISSN 2071-0216 (Print) ISSN 2308-0256 (Online)

Volume 8, no. 3

August 2015

Survey Articles

5 - 24 Mathematical Models and Optimal Control of the Filtration and Deformation Processes

N.A. Manakova

Mathematical Modelling

25 - 41 Quantitative Estimates on Jacobians for Hybrid Inverse Problems

G. Alessandrini, V. Nesi

42 - 55 Weighted Trudinger - Moser Inequalities and Applications

M. Calanchi, B. Ruf

56 - 77 Elliptic Problems with Robin Boundary Coefficient-Operator Conditions in General L_p Sobolev Spaces and Applications

M. Cheggag, A. Favini, R. Labbas, S. Maingot, A. Medeghri

78 - 94 Double Logarithmic Stability in the Identification of a Scalar Potential by a Partial Elliptic Dirichlet-to-Neumann Map

M. Choulli, Y. Kian, E. Soccorsi

95 - 115 On Some Methods to Solve Integrodifferential Inverse Problems of Parabolic Type

F. Colombo

116 - 126 A Numerical Method for Inverse Spectral Problems

S.I.Kadchenko, G.A. Zakirova

127 - 140 Observability of Square Membranes by Fourier Series Methods

V. Komornik, P. Loreti

141 - 147 On the Regularizability Conditions of Integral Equations

L.D. Menikhes, V.V. Karachik

Short Notes

148 - 154 The Oskolkov Equations on the Geometric Graphs as a Mathematical Model of the Traffic Flow

G.A. Sviridyuk, S.A. Zagrebina, A.S. Konkina


155 - 156 Alfredo Lorenzi (1944 - 2013)