Bulletin of the South Ural State University

Series “Mathematical modelling, programming & computer software”

Vestnik Yuzhno-Ural’skogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta

Seriya “Matematicheskoe modelirovanie i programmirovanie”

ISSN 2071-0216 (Print) ISSN 2308-0256 (Online)

Volume 9, no. 2

May 2016

Mathematical Modelling

5 - 15 On One Mathematical Model of the Extraction Process of Polydisperse Porous Material

N.E. Erzhanov, I. Orazov

16 - 28 The Onset of Auto-Oscillations in Rayleigh System with Diffusion

A.V. Kazarnikov, S.V. Revina

29 - 36 Mathematical Modelling of Influence of Circuit Viscosity of Numerical Methods on a Value of the Impulse Transferred by Shock Waves

Yu.M. Kovalev, E.E. Pigasov

37 - 45 Inverse Problems for Determining Boundary Regimes for Some Equations of Sobolev Type

A.I. Kozhanov

46 - 59 Method of Nonsmooth Integral Guiding Functions in Periodic Solutions Problem for Inclusions with Causal Multioperators

S.V. Kornev

60 - 74 Stationary Solutions for the Cahn - Hilliard Equation Coupled with Neumann Boundary Conditions

I.B. Krasnyuk, R.M. Taranets, M. Chugunova

75 - 89 Inverse Problems for Some Sobolev-Type Mathematical Models

S.G. Pyatkov, S.N. Shergin

90 - 102 Active Parametric Identification of Gaussian Linear Discrete System Based on Experiment Design

V.M. Chubich, O.S. Chernikova, E.A. Beriket

Short Notes

103 - 109 Numerical Modelling of the Reaction of the Immune System to the Tumor Based on the Revised Model of Resigno and De Lisi

N.I. Eremeeva

110 - 116 On a Model of Oscillations of a Thin Flat Plate with a Variety of Mounts on Opposite Sides

U.A. Iskakova

117 - 123 Numerical Research of the Barenblatt - Zheltov - Kochina Stochastic Model

S.I. Kadchenko, Е.А. Soldatova, S.А. Zagrebina

124 - 129 On a Heat and Mass Transfer Model for the Locally Inhomogeneous Initial Data

T.Sh. Kal'menov, G.D. Arepova

130 - 134 Modelling the Innovation Activity of an Enterprise

V.G. Mokhov, K.S. Stakhanov

135 - 138 About Two Models of Modern Chronology. To the Problem of History Chronology

T.K. Plyshevskaya, E.M. Buriyak


139 - 144 Sergey Grigorievich Pyatkov (to the 60th Anniversary)