Bulletin of the South Ural State University

Series “Mathematical modelling, programming & computer software”

Vestnik Yuzhno-Ural’skogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta

Seriya “Matematicheskoe modelirovanie i programmirovanie”

ISSN 2071-0216 (Print) ISSN 2308-0256 (Online)

Volume 12, no. 3

August 2019

Mathematical Modelling

5 - 16 On Time Selection for Track Possession Assignment at the Railway Station

A.N. Ignatov, A.V. Naumov

17 - 27 Global Schumpeterian Dynamics with Structural Variations

A.N. Kirillov, A.M. Sazonov

28 - 41 On the Stability of Two-Dimensional Flows Close to the Shear

O.V. Kirichenko, S.V. Revina

42 - 51 A Non-Stationary Model of the Incompressible Viscoelastic Kelvin-Voigt Fluid of Non-Zero Order in the Magnetic Field of the Earth

A.O. Kondyukov, T.G. Sukacheva

52 - 62 Mathematical Model of the Downward Two-Phase Flow of a Heat-Transfer Agent in an Injection Well

N.G. Musakaev, S.L. Borodin, S.P. Rodionov

63 - 73 Mathematical Terrain Modelling with the Help of Modified Gaussian Functions

V.A. Rodin, S.V. Sinegubov

Programming & Computer Software

74 - 88 A Method to Reduce Errors of String Recognition Based on Combination of Several Recognition Results with Per-Character Alternatives

K.B. Bulatov

89 - 101 The Use of the Direct Sum Decomposition Algorithm for Analyzing the Strength of Some Mceliece Type Cryptosystems

V.M. Deundyak, Yu.V. Kosolapov

102 - 114 Mathematical Modelling of Reconstruction of Volumetric Images in X-Ray Computed Tomography Using Holographic Methods

E.N. Simonov, A.V. Prokhorov, A.V. Akintseva

115 - 129 Supercomputer Simulation of Oil Spills in the Azov Sea

A.I. Sukhinov, A.E. Chistyakov, A.A. Filina, A.V. Nikitina, V.N. Litvinov

130 - 139 A Numerical Method for Solving Quadratic Integer Programming Problem

V.M. Tat'yankin, A.V. Shitselov

140 - 152 Solving Elliptic Equations in Polygonal Domains by the Least Squares Collocation Method

V.P. Shapeev, L.S. Bryndin, V.A. Belyaev

Short Notes

153 - 160 Anisotropic Diffusion in Anisotropic Stepanov Spaces

V.A. Gorlov

161 - 169 Modelling of Electric Fields in Axisymmetric Systems for Cathode Protection of Underground Structures

Т.М. Shamsutdinova