Bulletin of the South Ural State University

Series “Mathematical modelling, programming & computer software”

Vestnik Yuzhno-Ural’skogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta

Seriya “Matematicheskoe modelirovanie i programmirovanie”

ISSN 2071-0216 (Print) ISSN 2308-0256 (Online)

Volume 9, no. 1

February 2016

Mathematical Modelling

5 - 19 Shock Waves in Gas Sphere

V.F. Kuropatenko, E.S. Shestakovskaya, M.N. Yakimova

20 - 31 On Fixed Point Theory and Its Applications to Equilibrium Models

D.A. Serkov

32 - 45 Temporal Dynamics of Hirsch Index

Yu.Yu. Tarasevich, T.S. Shinyaeva

46 - 58 Generalized Model of Courier with Additional Restrictions

A.A. Chentsov, A.G. Chentsov

59 - 72 Investigation of the Unsteady-State Hydraulic Networks by Means of Singular Systems of Integral Differential Equations

E.V. Chistyakova, Nguyen Duc Bang

73 - 91 On the One-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator with a Singular Perturbation

V.A. Strauss, M.A. Winklmeier

Programming & Computer Software

92 - 104 Determination of Locations in Corporate Wi-Fi Networks

S.V. Malodushev, A.A. Rogov

105 - 113 Structural Parametric Modelling of an Information-Analytical System

V.V. Menshikh, O.V. Pyankov

114 - 122 Optimization of Nozzle Layout in Continuous Casting Machine

D.S. Safonov, O.S. Logunova, D.V. Chistiakov

Short Notes

123 - 129 The Critical State of an Inclined Layer in a Sheet Specimen with Negative Loading Biaxiality Coefficient

V.L. Dilman, A.N. Dheyab

130 - 136 Solvability And Numerical Solutions Of Systems Of Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations Of The First Kind With Piecewise Continuous Kernels

I.R. Muftahov, D.N. Sidorov

137 - 145 Mathematical Models for the Appointment of the Chlorine Magnesia Composition

T.N. Chernyh, L.Y. Kramar, B.Y. Trofimov, A.A. Orlov